The Best Slam Balls For CrossFit In 2020

Every year, fitness companies compete to create the best and most innovative equipment for gyms around the world.

The good news is that CrossFit equipment is constantly being updated.

Titan Fitness
  • Rugged XL construction
  • Extra sturdy and flexible
  • 10 lbs to 60 lbs size range
  • Rugged XL construction
  • Extra sturdy and flexible
  • 10 lbs to 60 lbs size range
View on Titan Fitness
Rogue Echo Slam Balls
  • Grip friendly rubberized exterior shell
  • 10 lbs to 50 lbs weight options
  • Battle tested
  • Grip friendly rubberized exterior shell
  • 10 lbs to 50 lbs weight options
  • Battle tested
View on Rogue Fitness
Get RXD Slam Ball
  • 10 lbs to 150 lbs size options
  • Great price and quality
  • User friendly
  • 10 lbs to 150 lbs size options
  • Great price and quality
  • User friendly
View on Get RX'D
Rogue MK D
  • Extremely durable
  • Olympic lifting benefits
  • Soft grip
  • Extremely durable
  • Olympic lifting benefits
  • Soft grip
View on Rogue Fitness
Rep Fitness V2
  • 50% thicker shell
  • 5 lbs to 100 lbs size options
  • Sand filled rubber shells
  • 50% thicker shell
  • 5 lbs to 100 lbs size options
  • Sand filled rubber shells
View on Rep Fitness

The bad news is doing your research is mandatory if you want to get the best gear.

Quite simply, slam balls are a great addition to any gym.

Best Slam Balls For CrossFit in 2020

In hurry?  Check out our below list for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about slam balls for CrossFit! There’s a lot to learn!

  1. Titan Fitness
  2. Rogue Echo Slam Balls
  3. Get RX’D Slam Ball
  4. Rogue MK-D
  5. Rep Fitness V2
  6. TRX Training Slam Ball
  7. Power Guidance Slam Balls

Whether you are an affiliate owner, coach, or do your CrossFit workouts out of your home gym, this piece of equipment can help take your fitness to the next level.

We’ll explore a few of those ways in this guide.

This guide will also show you the best slam balls for CrossFit athletes, the difference between slam balls, wall balls, and medicine balls, and give you ideas for incorporating them into your training and exercises.

What Are Slam Balls?

CrossFit is infamous for the many variations of equipment, workouts, and acronyms.

It may sound like you’re speaking a second language when you tell a friend, “I did an ascending AMRAP with Oly lifts and slam balls.”

When he or she asks you what the heck you’re talking about, you might realize how many CrossFit terms have subtle differences.

This is relevant in the case of slam balls because there are two similar sphere-shaped objects that CrossFitters also use for their training.

It’s good to know the difference between whether you are shopping for or training with these objects.

So what’s the difference between a slam ball, a wall ball, and a medicine ball? And how can a weighted ball benefit your strength training?

man using the best slam ball for exercise

Slam Ball

Slam balls heavy-duty pieces of gym equipment made with thick rubber that are also perfect for home use due to their portability. They are designed for throwing and other dynamic exercises.

The exterior is made with a hard, but pliable rubber shell that can stand up to aggressive exercises such as ball slams. The pvc shell can also aid in giving a slam ball more bounce than other balls of this type.

Of the 3 pieces of equipment, slam balls usually weigh the most and have the most durability.

However, slam balls also come in a range of different weights, meaning some offer more bounce back while other ‘dead bounce’ these differences mean you should choose a weighted ball based on the type of slam ball exercises you want to carry out.

Primary uses: dynamic exercises like ball slams and chest passes, or as a substitute for free weights.

Wall Ball

The wall ball gets its name for its primary use, which is the wall ball shot in a CrossFit WOD.

The wall ball shot dates back to the earliest days of CrossFit, as the original CrossFit Girl workouts like “Kelly” (5 rounds for time: 400m run, 30 box jumps, 30 wall ball shots) require you to do plenty of them.

It’s exterior is made with a soft vinyl coating, is softer than a slam ball or medicine ball, and the weight is evenly distributed throughout.

While you could sub a wall ball in for movements better suited for slam balls and medicine balls, be careful.

Even the best wall balls tend to wear down pretty quickly with excessive use.

There’s nothing worse than having to shoot a 20lb wall ball 10 feet in the air with the weight inside no longer being evenly distributed. Unlike slam balls, wall balls don’t tend to contain a textured surface.

Primary Uses: compound movements like the wall ball shot for CrossFit WODs.

Is also used to teach the medicine ball clean (1 of 9 fundamental movements in CrossFit)  if medicine balls are not available.

Medicine Ball (“Med Ball”)

The medicine ball has been around much longer than its spherical counterparts.

Medicine balls are usually made out of leather, durable rubber, or plastic, and have a hard shell. Medicine balls can also include better grip, sometimes in the form of handles.

Throwing them at the wall may damage the wall quicker than it will damage the ball.

Of the 3, the medicine ball is probably the best 1-for-1 substitute with free weights.

Primary uses: full body movements like the medicine ball clean or overhead walking lunges. Can also be included during cardio workouts in place of dumbbells, as in the example of lunges.


The slam ball, wall ball, and medicine ball do have some things in common. Chances are, they all:

  • Weigh somewhere between 2-50lbs
  • Are small enough to wrap your arms around
  • Can be used in conjunction with (or as a substitute to) free weights
  • Will be used to perform compound movements of some sort
  • Can improve explosive power and overall fitness levels

You can probably get away with using one for most of your fitness needs, but certain exercises will work better if you have each individual ball.

Depending on which you choose, it might save your wall or a floor, too.

Training With Slam Balls

So which exercises are slam balls good for in CrossFit?

If you’re only going to buy one ball, how heavy should it be?

Where should you plug them into your programming?

Use this section to answer those questions.

Choosing The Right Weight

Let’s be realistic and say that it’s unlikely you’re planning to buy 4-5 different slam ball weight options.

They are expensive, and that type of investment is not for most people.

But if you’re only going to buy one slam ball, which weight should you go for?

This is a tricky question because each person has individual fitness goals.

How will you incorporate your slam ball into training? Which movements do you want to perform?

If you’re looking to focus on functional training, including bodyweight exercises targeting the upper body as well as other muscle groups, here’s what I would recommend:

If you’re a fit male, go with a 20-30lb slam ball.

This weight is heavy enough to incorporate your slam ball into heavy dynamic supersets with barbell movements.

It will be light enough to substitute as a wall ball if you’re in a pinch (and have a sturdy wall).

The assumption here is you want to get multiple uses out of your new piece of equipment.

If you buy a 50lb slam ball, you will only be able to perform certain exercises with it.

Unless your goal is to be as strong as possible, that may not support your CrossFit training needs.

If you are a fit female, go with a 15-20lb slam ball.

For the same reasons listed above as the men. If you’re a beast of an athlete, by all means, bump that weight up.

If you are new to training or new to CrossFit, go with a 10-20lb slam ball.

Regardless of how fit you are, versatility is the most valuable criteria for purchasing a slam ball. 12-18 months from now, you can trade your lighter slam ball in for a bigger one.

Ball Slam Exercises and Workouts

Ball Slam

This is the king of slam ball movements, as the ball slam is a full body, dynamic exercise.

Workout You Must Try:

  • Bench Press + Ball Slam Superset (If you don’t have access to a weight bench you can do push up reps instead)
  • Every 90 seconds for 10:30 (7 sets), perform
  • Bench Press 5 reps (60% of your 1RM)
  • 20 Overhead slam reps

*Think you should “up” the bench press weight? Looks too light? Get through the 7 rounds without missing a rep and see if you could have gone any heavier.

Due to the fast-paced nature of this exercise, it can even feel like a HIIT workout at times so ensure your cardiovascular endurance is at a suitable level.

Feel free to go as hard as possible during the overhead reps. It wouldn’t be a slam ball exercise without slamming the ball as hard as you could.

Ground To Shoulder

You’ll notice the strongman theme with heavier ball slams. This exercise works great in a WOD that focuses on explosive strength.

Workout You Must Try:

  • Slam Ball Ground To Shoulder + Rope Climbs

Don’t worry about slamming the ball into the ground, the durable rubber shell should protect any high quality exercise ball. If you’re worried about bounce consider using a dead weight slam ball.


  • 5 Slam Ball Ground To Shoulder (alternate shoulders)
  • 2 Rope Climbs

This slam ball workout will really work your upper body and can even be carried out with a dead weight slam ball.


*In a metcon, you’ll probably want to move faster than the video demonstration.

Workout You Must Try:

  • Sprint Leg Burner
  • 3 Rounds For Time:
  • Row 250m
  • Slam Ball Carry 100m (remember to activate your glutes)
  • 12 back squat reps, 135lb
  • A round of sit ups if you really want the toughest workout around.

Hopefully, these workouts will help get you on your way to slam ball training. Your be slamming your way through these reps in no time.

The Best Slam Balls Reviewed

By now you hopefully have a better understanding of the different types of slam balls available and how they can all enhance your body workout. In the section to follow we review high-quality, easy grip items that can easily be used as part of any slam ball workout.

Here are the best slam balls for your CrossFit training:

Get RX’D Slam Ball

This grippy slam ball was found to be a fan favorite among many CrossFitters who have tried it.

Perfect for incorporating during workouts to target those core muscles, the ultra-durable ball can also be used during HIIT sessions.

“This ball does what it’s supposed to do. And the price is right.” – Anonymous reviewer

Among these options, you probably won’t find a lower-priced slam ball with the durability of the Get RXD option.


As is the case with most Rogue equipment, it’s on the high end of prices for slam balls. Is it worth it?

“However, the new 20# slammer split within three months. I again I had to wait for a replacement. I have gone through four d-ball slammers in three years.”

Many CrossFit athletes swear by Rogue’s gear, but if you can find similar equipment cheaper, it might be the way to go.


Here is a video review of the Rogue Echo slam ball. From the video:

“You can do pretty much anything with this ball. It has a decent grip that allows for most movements.”

The reviewer also backs up the idea that you should start with a lighter slam ball if you are just starting out.

At a lower price point than the Rogue MK, this may be a more budget-friendly option but shouldn’t be disregarded because of the lower price point. The CrossFit slam ball offers good grip and performed well in a number of bounce slam ball exercises we took it through.

It is also a versatile piece of exercise equipment and for many workouts you can even substitute out kettlebells or dumbbells for this ball.

Titan Fitness Slam Balls

One of the few options with a cluster of Amazon reviews, the Titan Fitness slam ball seems to hold up. 4.7/5 stars, users boast at the quality and durability of the product at a good price point.

Although not a product that will rival the best medicine balls available it is still a durable weight slam ball to work on your core strength.

You can read all the reviews of the Titan Fitness 20lb slam ball here.

Rep V2 Slam Balls

For many athletes or garage gym owner, the longevity of any equipment is the goal.

If a piece of equipment is cheaper but needs to be replaced every 8 months, was it really less expensive?

The Rep V2 reviews all suggest that this ball holds up past the 2-3 year mark, which is the standard warranty for most slam balls, in fact, some products remain offering just a year warranty so this ball surpasses those.

A little higher in price than some of the others here, but you may only have to ever buy one.

Overall All Round Winner: Rogue Echo Slam Balls

Man using trx slam ball


If your goal is to incorporate slam balls into your CrossFit training, use this guide to help you select the right type of slam ball and learn how you can apply it into your program.

Whether you train at a box or from your home gym, you can seriously elevate your performance by using this piece of equipment.

Know the difference between a slam ball, wall ball, and a medicine ball.

While you may be able to get away with only owning one, understand what each piece of equipment is good for.

Consider the weight of the ball before you buy.

Versatility is the name of the game in CrossFit. Don’t buy the heaviest slam ball assuming it will lead to bigger gains in the gym.

Think about the movements you’d like to perform with your slam ball and go from there.

Pick the ball that’s right for you, and get to it! Slam balls are a great addition to any fitness routine.

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