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Hey, Shane here with AthleticMuscle.net!

I’m the guy who runs this site and for reference, I’m 5’6″ weigh 145 pounds, deadlift 385 pounds, squat 295, and bench 205. My clean is 225 and snatch is around 145.

I’ve been a gym rat for 10+ years and a CrossFit athlete since 2016.

At this point in my fitness journey, I’ve learned three main things:

  • Squatting makes your butt look really good
  • Chalk always makes you stronger
  • And nothing feels better than achieving a new one rep max

That and in the age of digital everything, where sitting is becoming more of a problem than smoking, getting up and being active for 1-2 hours per day is critical to a healthy happy long lived life.

My fitness journey started like most people… the desire to attract a member of the opposite sex with big bulging biceps.

Well, that and I was a scrawny 15 year old who needed to put a little meat on his bones.

Fast forward to today…

And i’ve been involved in some level of fitness since i was 15 (now 28) doing everything from weightlifting, to powerlifting, to marathon training, to CrossFit. I will say for my lifestyle, CrossFit has had by far the biggest impact on my level of fitness.

So much so, I got my wife into it and you know… now I’m dropping into a new box with my wife all over the world. Image below is a quick selfie in a CrossFit box in Athens, Greece!

Personally, I’ve been able to achieve a level of fitness and wellness, I hadn’t thought possible a couple years ago. I’m leaner, stronger, faster, and generally feel better throughout the day. Below is a drop-in at a box in Tampa, Florida!

There is so much crap information out there full of fluff with backwards logic on fitness and diet.

On top of that, there’s a lot of fitness misconceptions (especially about CrossFit) and overall misinformation being passed around the the proverbial echo chamber that is the internet.

And the athletes that are in the public eye perpetuate a certain physical standard it alienates normal people from achieving their fitness goals.

The thing is, the images of those athletes are almost entirely manufactured. via the use of photoshop, taking performance enhancing drugs, and whatever else they can do to get an edge and be perceived in a better light.

In the age of being “Insta famous” and influencer marketing, doing these types of things to your self-image can be extremely lucrative.

The Goal Of This Website

Today not only do I go to the gym, but I work in the fitness industry helping gym owners build their businesses and serve their members better through marketing and operations consulting.

That said, my goal with Athletic Muscle is to help 5,000 people achieve their fitness goals through realistic advice anyone can take action on and get real results.

Again, I’m just a regular guy that works A LOT, but LOVES fitness. Some would say (my wife) that I’m a bit of a workaholic…

If I can achieve my fitness goals despite all the constraints, busy schedule, etc, you can too, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

I’m a firm believer that people should spend more of their time and money investing in themselves. Obviously, fitness is one area you can invest in yourself, and why I created this website, but there are many other avenues such as education, meditation, and more that I can’t seem to think of, but you get my point!

In my experience, those are almost always the best dollars I spend and ALWAYS return a positive investment, either through the people I meet or enhanced mental focus and clarity.

The Athletic Muscle Team

Admittedly, I am not an expert in every aspect of fitness.

In order to provide you and the rest of the users of this site with as much value as possible, I often bring on contributors with deep experience in other aspect of fitness I’m not familiar with.

That and sometimes, I just want another perspective on a topic for a well rounded piece of content.

Final Thoughts

And that’s all I have for now. As I think of more interesting stories of my fitness journey, I’ll add them here.

But the main take away I want for you reading this “About” page, is that Athletic Muscle is meant to be a place where you can get fitness advice that you can take action on today.

That said, if you have a thought, an interesting experience, or just want to say hi, drop me a line here, I’m listening!

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