Best CrossFit Gloves: Protect Your Hands and Train Harder

Looking for the Best CrossFit Gloves? Look no further, we have you covered!

Of all the workout gear that you need to crush it in the box, CrossFit gloves are perhaps the most controversial. While most people would agree that specialty Olympic lifting shoes and a weightlifting belt are necessary items. When it comes to weightlifting gloves, there are two distinct camps; those who swear by them as essential lifting aids and those who claim that anyone who relies on them is a girly-man in desperate need of swallowing some concrete in order to harden up.

So, what’s up? Gloves or No Gloves?

Do you really need CrossFit gloves to be prepared for those hard as nails CrossFit workouts, or should you go naked in the hand department and handle the discomfort that comes with the territory? Let’s investigate.

The Pros of Crossfit Gloves

Improved Grip: When you’re training hard, sweat will be dripping from your body. This can make your palms slippery, which makes it difficult to sustain your grip on the bar or dumbbell handle. This is especially a problem when it comes to maintaining your grip on such movements as pull ups. Gloves allow you to maintain a secure grip. The palm area of the glove is constructed of a thick leathery material to allow you to hold stronger for longer.

More Comfortable: Gloves make the experience of holding a bar more pleasurable. Gripping cold steel first thing on a frosty morning and enduring calluses and cuts all over your hands will do nothing to either build muscle or embolden your manliness. You don’t have to prove anything by not wearing gloves. And let’s face it; the more comfortable an activity is, the more likely we will be to keep doing it.

Depending upon the particular brand of glove that you purchase, you may get considerable wrist support with the comfort that comes with your gloves. Anyone who is a regular lifter of weights will inevitably have a degree of wrist irritation. When you perform overhead lifts such as snatches, clean and jerks where you have pronated palms, this will be especially the case. The positioning of your hands on the bar, forces your wrists back in an unnatural position. This will cause the wrist to hurt more and more. The right gloves can allow you to lift longer now, and enjoy a longer lifting life for years to come.

The Cons of Crossfit Gloves

Gloves can actually make it more difficult to grip some bars. Some bars are thicker than others. Clearly the thicker the bar, the harder it is to grip the bar. Workout gloves add an extra layer of padding, essentially making the bar thicker. If the bar is especially thick to start with, gloves may actually make the job harder.

You can become reliant on gloves. However, there will be a day when you find yourself in a gym without your gloves. If you are dependent upon them, this can put a psychological barrier in front of your workout.

You would be forgiven for thinking that gloves prevent calluses. The reality is that they actually make the situation worse. Gloves have the potential for creating extra friction in the hand. And friction is the underlying cause of calluses.

Workout gloves may make your grip weaker. Gloves take a percentage of the effort off your forearms and wrists. Although no comparable studies have been done, it would appear logical that people who train without gloves will have a stronger grip than those who use an artificial aid. In addition, in the real world when you are lifting heavy stuff you are probably not going to be wearing gloves, right? So, not wearing them in the gym is actually providing you with more functional training.

Your Verdict

Clearly there are arguments for both sides when it comes to workout gloves. It really comes down to personal preference. If you are unsure which way to go, the best thing to do would be to try a pair. Train with gloves for 1-2 weeks. Then go for another 1-2 weeks without them. You’ll soon discover what works best for you.

What to Look for When Selecting Gloves For Crossfit

There are two basic varieties of Crossfit workout gloves:

o Fingerless gloves
o Full fingered gloves

Whether you go for fingerless or full fingered gloves is largely a matter of personal choice. The great advantage of fingerless gloves is that they allow the glove to breathe. They also prevent sweat build-up in the fingers of the glove. Of course, going fingerless also gives you a more natural feel on the bar.

Gloves will vary as to where the extra padding is provided. This may be across the mid-section or upper portion of the palms. You want to go for a glove that has just enough padding to give you comfort, but not too much that it will act to make the bar too thick to grip securely. You always want to maintain a natural feel around the bar.

The material that the palm area is constructed from is important. You should select a glove with a leather palm, as it will provide you with the best quality of grip.

It is also crucial that your hand fits snug in the glove. If it doesn’t, the glove will be prone to slipping throughout your reps. That is why the inside material of the glove is also important. If it is smooth, it will not be able to grip to your palm. If the palm can’t grip the glove it will slide down your fingers. Gloves that have inside material made from nylon or felt will not allow for the secure grip that you need. Ideally you want a leather inner to complement the leather on the palm. This will allow your palms to grip the inside of the glove, even when they get sweaty.

Leather gloves also do the best job of reducing friction in the palm, helping to alleviate calluses. Second to leather is neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic material that is very durable but also extremely breathable. Nylon gloves just don’t cut it.

As well as ensuring that you’re getting a decent grip on the bar, gloves also have the job of helping to control sweat, especially in your hands. For that reason, gloves that are fitted with neoprene inserts that can absorb the sweat are a good investment.

Make sure that your glove has a Velcro strap that will enable you to securely hold the glove in place. The glove should fit deeply enough that the Velcro goes over the wrist. If it doesn’t, the glove may still be prone to slipping.

You will want to choose a pair of gloves that are machine washable for ease of cleaning. The glove should also fit your hand snugly. If it is too tight, however, it will restrict the natural power of your grip.

There is a wide variation in pricing when it comes to workout gloves. As with most things, it is always the best policy to pay a little extra to get the quality that will give you the result that you need.

Best Gloves For CrossFit

Rogue Mechanix Gloves

Mechanix is a name synonymous with high quality work gloves. In recent times Mechanix have brought their expertise to bear on the functional fintess market, to the benefit of Cross-Fitters around the globe. The Rogue is a full fingred glove that is proving very popular among Cross-Fitters.

Material: The Rogue glove features a perforated synthetic leather palm, which allow for maximum breathability while providing the gripping power that you need. This inner material has been tested by various reviewers by sliding down a rope several times. Each time they have come through the test with no wear and tear whatsoever. The material did not pinch, or stretch and no burn marks were left on the user’s hands.

The outer material of the Rogue Mechanix is a lightweight breathable mesh. This makes the glove feel as if it is virtually weight less on your hand, while preventing the odor problems that come with poorly ventilated gloves.

Grip: The gripping ability of the Rogue Mechanix glove is better than most and as good as you can expect in a workout glove. The perforated synthetic leather material in the palm area provides good stickability to the hand without being overly bulky. The silicon Rogue logo on the top of the glove provides an extra element of grip.

Breathability: Mechanix have developed a patented mesh-like material which features in many of their gloves products. It’s incorporation into the design of the Rogue workout glove allows for superior breathability. This is great in terms of odor control. It also goes a long way towards keeping yoyr hands comfortable, especially when they start to get sweaty.

Firmness: The Rogue Mechanix features a velcro strap which is uniquely situated on the palm side of the hand. This is a great innovation for CrossFitters. Traditional gloves are prone to coming apart when you are performing such moves as handstands.

Warranty: Rogue Mechanix offer a 90-day guarantee from the date of purchase.

The Verdict: This is a great glove to wear to get you through your WOD in record time. It is a lightweight, extremely breathable glove that offers superior grip and protection without compromising your form. They will stay secure on your hand, won’t stretch and are extremely durable.

Overall rating: 9/10

Reebok CrossFit Gloves

Reebok has established a strong presence in the Crossfit market. They have specific ranges of gloves for men and women in the full fingered glove category. This review will focus on the D99836 Men’s CrossFit glove.

Material: The palm of the glove is made from sheepskin leather, making it extremely durable. Perforations across the palm and fingers allow for breathability. The updated version of this glove features extra layering of leatrher in the thumb to prevent abrasions. This lether reinforcement is continued around the fingers for the same reason.

The outer material is constructed of a lightweight polyester lycra material, allowing for ease of movement through any exercise. The thick velcro band at the base of the glove allows for secure fastening.

Grip: The Reebok Men’s Cross-Fit glove allows you to grip your training equipment with confidence. The palm material is comfortable without being overly thick. This allows you to grip the bar securely and the sheepskin leather wraps the bar firmly to give you a grip that will last.

Breathability: The pores across the palm and fingers allow the glove to breath as the intensity of your workout picks up. In additon, mesh inserts placed between each finger are a further aid to the breathability of the glove. Reebok’s patented PlayDry technology is utilised to provide maximum moisture control. PlayDry uses flat-locked seams to move sweat away from the body. This not only makes your hands more comfortable, it actually helps to make your grip to the glove more secure.

Firmness: This glove features a full and thick velcro strap which completely enwraps the wrist. This gives you the complete confidence that the glove will not slip on your hand while you are in the middle of your workout.

Warranty: Reebok training gloves carry a 12-month warranty.

The Verdict: The Reebok D99836 Men’s Workout Glove offers a luxurious level of hand protection while training without compromising your form. It includes an innovative moisture control technology and a generous amount of Velcro strapping. The glove performs well and it lasts.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10


Whether you decide to use gloves in your next Crossfit wod or not, does not mean you are a girly man. Simply put, gloves are a tool to help you get the most out of your training and can help prevent tearing your hands. Which route you deicde to go, TRAIN HARD!

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