This Two-Time CrossFit Games Champ Is The Definition Of “Don’t Quit”

According to Katrin Davidsdottir, you have no excuses.

…325# DL – in 2016 I could not BUDGE the 295# bar at the Games. Today, this felt pretty good!

The 2015 and 2016 Fittest Woman on Earth puts in the work, day in and day out, to accomplish her goals.

This is not to say she is without failure.

In 2014, she failed to qualify for the Games.

In 2015, she was close to repeating that:

From Breakdown to Beatdown

But, with a hardened mentality and incredible work ethic, she prevailed, becoming the 8th woman to claim the CrossFit Games individual championship.

So all’s said and done, time to call it quits, right?


She went for another title and became the first woman to repeat as individual champ.

In 2017, she didn’t get to the podium, finishing in 5th place. Don’t let this fool you, though: She’s coming back in 2018 in a big way:

325# Deadlift

The first video shows her deadlifting 325, something she couldn’t do in the 2016 Games, where she didn’t even place in the one-rep deadlift event.

Despite her struggles on two different exercises – the legless rope climb and the one-rep deadlift – she persisted until she broke through her plateaus and never once thought I should just stop trying.

Through dedication, consistency, and patience, Katrin has become an icon for the sport and the model for never giving up on your dreams.

Jake Lyda

Jake Lyda

I'm a freelance fitness and nutrition writer who loves to travel, train, and play team sports. I'm a true workout nerd and love to educate people about their bodies and how to optimize their physique.

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