How Much Is CrossFit A Month? Costs and Gym Prices

CrossFit has become popular no matter where you live. You can probably find multiple boxes in your town to choose from. In this article, we will look at how much CrossFit costs a month and what you should expect at your local box.

Membership Costs

Most CrossFit box offers a free introductory session (or class) so you can try them out. If you happen to come across one that doesn’t, don’t consider it. After you get a taste of a CrossFit class, many boxes require you do an “on-ramp” program. The program is designed for beginners and can range from 3 – 20 sessions.

The length of the program usually depends on your fitness level and ability to do the basic lifts with proper form. They are normally scheduled around your availability. Pricing varies as the box may charge per session or as a package. The average cost of a CrossFit membership ranges anywhere from $75 to $225 per month. The prices are based on whether you want to go once a week or every day.

If you can only go once a week, the price would be on the low end. If you want to go as many times as you want during the month – what’s called “unlimited” – the price is on the higher end. If committing to a box monthly is not feasible, some offer punch cards. These cards are good for 10 classes. Some boxes put expiration dates on them and some don’t. You’ll want to check about expiration dates before you purchase. That way you can see if you’ll be able to use all 10 sessions.

There are also drop-in rates. Those range from $12 – $20. You’d pay a drop-in rate if you were on vacation somewhere and wanted to get a workout in.

Pros of CrossFit

CrossFit is an excellent avenue for fat loss while gaining strength and power. The workouts always vary and are as intense as you want to make them. The classes are also small so you get the attention of a coach when needed. The best part of CrossFit is that you go at your own pace. You have your own “personal record” so there’s no need to compare yourself with others. With these workouts you try to beat your own scores of times and weights lifted.

Cons of CrossFit

Since CrossFit can be intense, it may be too strenuous for a beginner. If you’ve never exercised or haven’t exercised in a while, you’ll definitely want to do an on-ramp program. If you just jump right in and start taking classes before you’re ready, you may end up hurting yourself. So make sure to ask questions and be open to the coaches giving proper form cues.

What To Expect

Once you join a CrossFit box, you’ve joined a community of people who will encourage you. The classes range depending on the size of the box and/or membership but overall, they’re not jammed pack like some aerobics classes at a globo gym. The workouts last anywhere from 15 min to an hour (or more). You always do a warm-up and a skills exercise. The skills exercise is designed to help you improve lifts such as deadlifts, front /back squats, clean & jerks, etc. before the actual workout.


CrossFit membership costs may seem expensive if you don’t have the whole picture. A simple calculation can help you with that. If you take the monthly membership cost and divide it by the amount of classes you’re allowed to take, you’ll see that you’re not paying much per class.
When you add in the small classes and being coached, CrossFit pricing is actually a good deal. So it’s really an investment in your health and fitness.

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