CrossFit Training

Get our best training tips and tactics to get better at CrossFit.

When it comes to CrossFit training, you’re going to be doing a lot of Olympic style barbell work (cleans and snatching) mixed in with some weightlifting style work (deadlifts and squats), as well as gymnastics (hand stand walk, dips, etc), and intense cardiovascular training (box jumps and burpees) to get your heart rate pumping.

For example, going from a set of thrusters, to dips, to then burpees forces you to balance strength, with speed, and cardiovascular endurance. 

Workouts are generally AMRAP style “as many rounds/reps as possible”  in a given time frame, EMOM or “every minute on the minute” where you work for a minute then rest, or chipper, where it’s  just one long workout straight through (i.e., you chip away at it).

It’s important to call out that doing being able to perform a movement technically correct as well as moving the weight in an efficient manner can greatly increase your throughput while reducing the metabolic strain and chance for injury during these CrossFit workouts.

This section of Athletic Muscle is where our experts provide their tips and tricks to get better at these movements as well as provide some ideas for workouts to try yourself (see our EMOM and AMRAP guides).

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