When it comes to your CrossFit workouts, it’s the details that count.

The chalk and grips on your hands, your CrossFit shoes, the flexibility of your dry fit clothes.

All of these are important for getting the best possible exercise you can get in your local Box.

For the short and sweet on socks, here’s our quick list:

But what about your socks?

As funny as it might seem, the socks you wear when CrossFitting (new word for your dictionary) plays a vital role in your overall performance.

In this article, we’ll go over just what CrossFit socks are exactly, why you need them, the benefits, different types, and our top choices for you to cover your feet in excellence.

Now, let’s cover some ground…

What are CrossFit Socks?

Good question.

CrossFit socks are a few different types of socks that you can find anywhere. The point is to enhance your performance inside the Box.

Whether that be through compression or saving your shins, CrossFit socks are designed to keep you progressing in your athletic pursuits while also avoiding injury.

Some brands have “CrossFit socks” while others have normal products that work extremely well in the Box. Usually, CrossFit socks are knee-high socks that have some sort of compression.

Why CrossFit Socks?

As you’ll see with the benefits, CrossFit socks are made with the ultimate athlete in mind.

They’ll make sure that if failure is happening, it isn’t because of your feet.

Socks are crucial for feeling comfortable in the Box and in your shoes, as well as doing things for your lower legs.

Benefits of CrossFit Socks

  • They make you feel like a badass. While this is a vain reason for getting socks dedicated solely to CrossFit, it really aids with your psychology when at the gym. Having apparel and clothing that accentuates your muscles and body composition helps you push through plateaus, hit PRs, and go as hard as you possibly can. Look good, feel good, workout good.

  • High socks keep your shins intact. Deadlifts, cleans, and other mainstay CrossFit movements involve a bar staying close to your shins. The barbell is ribbed for nobody’s pleasure; sometimes it scrapes against your shin skin. Steer clear of cuts and bruises from the bar with slightly-padded socks that run high up the leg.

  • Compression assists in blood flow. CrossFit socks are made out of compression material to aid in recovery and blood flow to your lower extremities. It turns out, compression is super effective for recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage. So why not have socks that compress your calves and support your ankles?

  • Alleviates strain on your legs. Also, with compression you get more stability out of your leg muscles. Plus they stay in place and moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial, giving you a fresh pair of socks that keep your legs safe and active.

  • The right socks help you run faster and farther. Long compression socks give runners faster leg recovery from races or long WODs. Snug knee-high socks will both “increase circulation and reduce lactic acid build up.” While improper socks are bulky and unevenly distribute across your lower leg, long compression CrossFit socks are best friends to your feet, ankles, and calves.

These are just a few of the tremendous things owning a couple pairs of CrossFit socks can do for your workouts.

Types of CrossFit Socks

While the top type of CrossFit sock would have to be the knee-high compression, there are other CrossFit socks out there.

Here are the popular designs and what they bring to the Box:

CrossFit Low Cut Socks

These are barely seen above your trainers (if seen at all).

They will most likely be compression, through not always a guarantee.

Low cut works if you hate the feel of socks past your ankles or you have low training shoes. There aren’t many benefits overall from having such low socks.

Crew Socks

Probably the most famous of workout socks, crew socks are the ones that begin to touch the bottom of your calves and stop.

Normally compressed as well, crew socks come in a variety of patterns and designs.

They secure your ankles and gives a snug fit in your shoes, which is better than sliding around.

If you don’t want high, over-the-calf socks for CrossFit, the next best option would be crew socks.

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CrossFit Compression Socks

This one should be a given. Compression is pivotal to having a fantastic workout.

Without it, you’re missing out on the amazing benefits of increased blood flow, decreased recovery time, and the security of a tight fit around your lower joints.

No matter the height you go with, make sure your CrossFit socks are compression.

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CrossFit Knee-High Socks

The cream of the crop. These fit over your entire lower leg, stopping just below the knee.

They are compressed, which gives your whole leg a gentle hug for optimized performance.

These are what give you the full range of benefits listed above and are staples in CrossFit boxes around the world.

If you’re a serious CrossFitter, you’ll have a pair of knee-high socks or two. Or dozens.

Top CrossFit Socks Reviewed

Reebok Low Cut Performance Training Socks

Reebok 6 Pack Mens Low Cut Performance Training Socks, Grey, Black Stripes  Sock: 10-13 / Shoe: 6-12.5

First on our list of top CrossFit socks is a Reebok classic.

These are low cut, meaning they stop just below the ankle.

With a blend of mostly polyester and some spandex, the socks are somewhat compression but not 100%.

They do have additional cushioning to help provide comfort for intense workouts. And with six pairs in a pack, you get a pair for each day of the week (except for rest day).

For those hardcore workout junkies that love to showcase their shoes without unsightly socks, try out these Reebok Low Cut Performance training socks.

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Reebok Athletic Crew Sock

Mens Reebok 5 Pack Athletic Crew Socks (Large (Shoe Size 6-12.5), Black (Red/Grey Delta Logo))

Next is a step up…in the height department. Still rolling with the Reebok bros, these crew socks are sure to provide you incredible results in the Box.

The epitome of comfort, Reebok Athletic Crew socks are again a combination of polyester and spandex, cushioned for those intense WODs.

An embroidered logo adorns these five pairs, giving you that much-needed compression for a whole week of WODs and two rest days to wear zero socks.

A traditional fitting sock that gets the job done, go for Reebok Athletic Crew Socks to kick your workout in the ass.

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Marvel Captain America Crew Socks

Marvel Captain America Men's Athletic Crew Socks, 2-Pair Pack, Sock Size 10-13 / Shoe Size 6-12

CrossFit is known for its individuality. Stand out in your Box with these Captain America themed CrossFit socks.

Crew cut and straight out of a superhero movie, this 2-pair pack has the Captain America shield and the American flag as designs.

Made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex, these socks will allow you the comfort and durability you need to smash your workout.

The support you get from these heroic socks will give you tremendous powers to vanquish any villain.

If you want to make a super statement with your exercises, go with Marvel Captain America crew socks.

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MadSportsStuff Knee-High Deadlift Sock

MadSportsStuff Patriot Stars and Stripes USA Flag Over the Calf Socks (Navy/Red/White 2.0, Small)

Continuing our patriotic theme, these knee-high deadlift socks from MadSportsStuff will make you feel like a true American and a true CrossFit badass.

This sock has everything you want in a CrossFit sock.

They wick moisture, have arch and ankle compression, blister control, double welt tops, and antimicrobial.

The materials are slightly different from other socks, made from 77% polypropylene, 17% nylon, 3% elastic, and 3% Lycra spandex.

Plus there’s the awesome design of the stars and stripes running down the back of the sock.

Made in the USA, MadSportsStuff provides any serious CrossFitter with American pride and an unparalleled workout experience.

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2XU Compression Performance Run Socks

2XU Men's Performance Compression Run Sock, Titanium/Black, Large

Created for the runner, 2XU has built a complete CrossFit sock that hits all of the bases.

The men’s Compression Performance Run socks give you crazy compression to support your calves, ankles, shins, Achilles, and feet.

Plus, the graduated compression improves warm up and recovery from long distance runs or gruelling workouts.

There are breathable zones built within the sock, as well as anatomically accurate left and right socks with corresponding foot bed padding.

For a knee-high compression sock that could very well be the best CrossFit sock in existence, look no further than the 2XU Compression Performance Run socks.

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Believe it or not, CrossFit socks are really important.

For a workout that’s head and shoulders above others, you want a solid, high, compressed sock to give you the blood flow, additional recovery, and enhanced exercise. Also, you look like a boss in the Box.

Choose your preferred style, take a gander at our list of the top socks, and upgrade your WODs with some killer CrossFit socks.

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