CrossFit Hotel Workouts: Don’t let travel derail your training with these WODs

Hotel CrossFit WODs
Making time for fitness can be a struggle while on the go. Business travelers and vacationers face unique challenges when trying to keep up on their training, the main one being a lack of equipment. Hotels often have a few cable machines, cardio machines, and dumbbells with limited space to roam. However, keeping your workout rhythm is essential and beneficial for long term good habits. 

Fortunately, CrossFit is versatile and adaptable, making it easy to find a workout that fits with limited equipment. Here are the ten best CrossFit hotel workouts to help you get in a sweat session while traveling.

10 of the Best CrossFit Hotel Workouts

Workout One: Annie

Annie is a classic CrossFit workout, entering the scene in 2005. Since then, it's been a staple for entry-level CrossFitters as well as a go-to benchmark exercise. All you need for this workout is a jump rope. So don't forget to pack one in your suitcase before you leave home. 

Workout structure: 50-40-30-20-10


Complete 50 reps of each movement before moving onto 40

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Workout Two: Blackjack (Twenty-One)

Named for the card game, each round of this exercise has 21 reps. This descending and ascending bodyweight workout uses a combination of pushups and sit-ups for an intense WOD that you can do in a hotel gym or the comfort of your room.

Workout structure: Descending 20-1 + Ascending 1-20


  • Pushups

  • Sit-ups

Start with 20 pushups and 1 sit up and work through the sets, finishing with 1 pushup and 20 sit-ups. Your score is the time on the clock when the last sit-up is complete.

Workout Three: Nick

This CrossFit hero workout was named after U.S. Army Specialist Nicholas P. Steinbacher, who died when his humvee was struck by an IED in Iraq. Like many hero workouts, this WOD requires that you dig deep to get through.  

Workout Structure: 12 Rounds for time


  • 10 dumbbell hang cleans ( to be performed in the hotel gym)
  • 6 handstand pushups on Dumbbells

Your score is the time on the clock when the last handstand pushup is complete.

Workout Four: Modified 16.5

CrossFit Open WOD 16.5 traditionally uses a barbell for thrusters, but it can be easily modified to use dumbbells. This workout is a fantastic way to build your endurance when cardio machines aren't available. 

Wokrout Structure: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 


  • Dumbbell Thrusters
  • Burpees

Your score is the time on the clock when the last burpee is complete.

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Workout Five: Carla

Another notorious CrossFit girl, Carla is a killer travel WOD when you have the time and space to move between equipment. Set up your dumbbells next to a treadmill for a calorie-torching workout in even the most basic hotel gym.

Workout Structure: 5 Rounds for Time


    1. 400-meter run

    2. 30 dumbbell deadlifts

    3. 30 sit-ups

Your score is the time on the clock when the last sit-up is complete.

Workout Six: Hotel Hell

What better name for a travel WOD than Hotel Hell? This dumbbell workout pushes you to go as fast as possible to avoid the EMOM burpees at the top of every minute. The quicker you hit your 100 dumbbell thrusters, the fewer burpees you have to do.

Workout Structure: 100 Reps for time + 5 rep EMOM


    1. 100 dumbbell thrusters

    2. 5 burpees EMOM

Start with 5 burpees and move onto thrusters. At the top of every minute, complete 5 burpees until your 100 thrusters are complete. Your score is the time on the clock when you (finally) finish that 100th thruster.

Workout Seven: Fast and Heavy Benchmark

Complete this benchmark CrossFit workout for time for a quick, intense workout that will put your lower body through its paces. 

Workout Structure: 21-18-15 + 400-meter run between rounds


    1. Thrusters

    2. 400-meter run

Complete a 400-meter run after each set of thrusters, finishing with the run. If there isn't a treadmill, swap out the running for a stationary bike or jump rope. Your score is the time on the clock when the last run is complete.

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This Hero workout is named after U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Edwardo Loredo, who died when his unit was attacked in Afganistan. This full-body bodyweight workout will test both your strength and endurance— physically and mentally. 

Workout Structure: 6 Rounds for time


    • 24 squats

    • 24 pushups

    • 24 walking lunges

    • 400m run

If space is limited in the hotel gym, complete alternating lunges on the spot. Your score is the time on the clock when the last run is complete.

Workout Nine: The Longest Mile Benchmark

This bodyweight CrossFit WOD sneaks a mile run into the workout in a series of 16 sprints between rounds. If your hotel gym doesn't have a treadmill, swap out the sprints for double unders, kettlebell or dumbbell swings, or mountain climbers.

Workout Structure: 4 Rounds for time


    • 10 Burpees

    • 100 meter Run

    • 10 Air Squats

    • 100 meter Run

    • 10 Pushups

    • 100 meter Run

    • 10 Sit-Ups

    • 100 meter Run

Your score is the time on the clock when you hit the mile mark.

Workout Ten: Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the best hotel CrossFit workouts to complete in your room or in a limited hotel gym. Complete these bodyweight movements every-minute-on-the-minute for 30 minutes to get a quick, effective full-body workout.

Workout Structure: EMOM 30


    • 5 Pull-Ups

    • 10 Pushups

    • 15 Air Squats

Beginners can scale this workout by swapping out the 5-10-15 EMOM for 3-6-9. Consider packing some resistance bands to use for assisted pull-ups as needed.

DIY Hotel CrossFit Workouts

Don't hesitate to use workout inspiration from a variety of CrossFit workouts to create your own hotel WOD. Use the equipment you have available to put together a full-body EMOM or AMRAP workout that fits your schedule. 

If options are limited to the point where you have to work out in your room, you can always run through a Death By Burpees WOD to make you question why you got into this in the first place.

Remember that CrossFit is built on the idea that anyone can work out anytime, anywhere. Scale the workout to your environment and get it done.