Your birthday is like your own personal holiday. Free to do what you want, eating like a starved lunatic, and getting showered with presents and adoration.

However, if you’re in CrossFit, things are different.

For one, you don’t get to do what you want. You will do your birthday WOD. You will sweat with the rest of the box. You will feel like death afterward.

Yay, you!

Here are 8 memes that exemplify exactly how one should feel when they have a CrossFit birthday:

1. The first thought you have when you wake up on your birthday:

skip birthday wod

Where are those damn eagles to do this workout for me?

2. At least you get to be surrounded by attractive people on your special day:

Rich Froning Happy Birthday

Gimme a piece of THAT cake.

3. Listen to Arnold:

Arnold Governor Happy Birthday

Hasta la vista, burpees.

4. Today is the day to try that kickass movement you’ve been working towards:

Most intresting man crossfit birthday

Stay hungry, my friends.

5. When you realize adult birthdays plain suck:

Racoon birthday burppes

Coach: “I have an idea. Let’s do 10 burpees for each year you’ve been alive!”
Me: “How about no.”

6. Then you think to yourself, “Maybe these people aren’t my friends”:

Coach said sugar is the enemy

Hey, what happens in between classes is none of their damn business.

7. Yep, they definitely are the enemy now:

Arnold 50 Burpees Birthday Meme

I wanted to keep my birthday a secret, Jerry. No more partner workouts with you.

8. The single silver lining – an attractive partner:

“Happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me…”

Whether it’s your birthday or a buddy’s name day, get that Workout of the Day in and have no regrets as you plunge into an entire red velvet cake.

Remember: Calories don’t count on your birthday!

Happy Birthday!

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