When creating your home gym, you’ll definitely have your pull-up bars, dip bars, and other classic pieces of equipment.

But what about your push movements? Sometimes they get neglected in terms of equipment because most involve pushing from the floor.

However, there are pieces that instantly upgrade your chest and shoulder workouts. One such piece is what’s called push-up bars.

Here’s the quick list of the best push-up bars:

In this article, we’ll get deep into what the benefits of push-up bars are, how to use them, whether they are necessary, and how to avoid wrist pain.

Lastly, we have a push-up bars workout for you to do from home, as well as the top push-up bars reviewed.

Let’s get into it!

Push-up Bar Benefits?

Using push-up bars help out with – surprise, surprise – your push-ups.

There are limitless variations of push-ups, and push-ups are naturally the core of every push or calisthenics chest workout.

The greatest advantage of having push-up bars in your repertoire is you are elevated from the ground than if your hands were simply on the floor.

This increased distance gives you more range of motion, which adds to the intensity of the exercises.

Also, you can move the individual bars into any position, which helps you calibrate the difficulty.

One extra feature for push-up bars is it forces your forearms to be engaged throughout the workout. This gives you a pump in your forearms, a body part that’s often neglected.

Lastly, having push-up bars in your bodyweight workout routine is for wrist support. While we will touch on this later, just know that your wrists will be saved for the long-term.

How Do You Use the Push-up Bars?

The beauty about this piece of equipment is they are universal and simple to use.

For any push-up, this is how you use your push-up bars:

  1. Place the bottoms of the push-up bars on the floor at the desired width.
  2. Grip the push-up bars by the handles and get into push-up position.
  3. For most push-up variations, your hands are outside of your body; so, bring your body down next to the push-up bars.
  4. Push back up to starting position.

You essentially do the exercises as you normally do. The only difference is instead of using your hands on the floor, you grip the handholds of the push-up bars.

Are Push-up Bars Necessary?

The only way to answer this question is to look at the benefits and determine whether those are worth the cost.

The benefits are less wrist pain from push-up exercises, a deeper range of motion for each rep, and added forearm strength. They ultimately upgrade your chest, shoulder, and tricep push-ups.

For longevity purposes, it saves your wrist joints.

However, your shoulder joints are in need of protection too. If the deeper range of motion you get from push-up bars hurts your shoulders, perhaps it isn’t the best thing for your body.

You get additional strength with push-up bars; if that’s your goal, then by all means push-up bars are necessary for your calisthenics home gym.

Of course, no one piece of equipment is 100% necessary. But if you want to immediately enhance your workouts, push-up bars should be at the top of your list of required equipment.

Push-up Bars and Wrist Pain

Specifically, when it comes to push-up bars your wrists will thank you.

These bars will help you from hyperextension in your wrists, which would results in joint pain and nerve issues.

With push-up bars, you get to do any and all forms of push-ups without flexing your hands to the point of agony.

If you’ve ever done multiple sets and reps of different push-ups in one workout, you might have experienced this type of wrist pain. Push-up bars could really help in this regard.

Push-up Bar Workout

Here is the ultimate push-up bar workout. The cool thing about this workout is that you can use only your push-up bars and get an almost full-body workout.

The Push-up Bar Workout

  • Wide arm push-ups: 4 x 8-15
  • Elevated pike push-ups: 4 x 8-15
  • Diamond push-ups: 3 x 8-15
  • Rotating side planks: 3 x 10-15 each side
  • Tabletop raises: 3 x 8-10
  • L-sits: 2 x 30-60 seconds

A few notes on this workout:

  • For all exercises, use the push-up bars
  • The “elevated” in elevated pike push-ups means your feet are on a bench or platform above the ground
  • For diamond push-ups, still use the two bars, but place them close together, under your chest
  • Rotating side planks starts with a plank, then rotating onto one hand in a sideways plank (continue to grab the bar as you put your one hand in the air); rotate to the other side, alternating sides
  • For tabletop raises, start in a seated position, legs on the floor, push-up bars by your hips; raise your core so that you get into tabletop position (arms and lower legs perpendicular to the ground, torso parallel and suspended)
  • L-sits start the same way as tabletop raises, but instead lift your entire body off the ground in a seated position; your hands should be gripping the push-up bars and that’s it.

These exercises range between two and four sets (more sets for bigger body parts, vice versa for smaller body parts).

They also fall into the 8-15 rep range for the most part. This is where you reach hypertrophy, which is the primary muscle building range.

If muscle growth and strength are your priorities, 8-15 reps of any movement will suffice.

This workout will target your chest, shoulders, triceps, obliques, back, biceps, traps, and core.

Legs are difficult to work out with push-up bars, because that isn’t what they’re meant for.

Otherwise, you’ll be feeling all kinds of sore after this workout, especially with each exercise getting a deeper range of motion than ever before.

Top Push-up Bars Reviewed


First up on our list is the gold standard of all push-up bars. Made by popular brand 321 STRONG, these pieces of equipment will be strong enough to give you strength gains for years to come.

These push-up bars are made of durable material, not metal that rusts or has sharp edges or cheap plastic.

Not only that, the handles have high-quality foam that provides the best in comfort, soft feel, and super secure grip.

The foam handles also increases the width of the handles, which gives it better ergonomics. Of course, these push-up bars are incredible for your wrists, putting all of the pressure in your forearms.

The bases detach from the handles, which makes for easy storage and portability. Take them anywhere, workout anywhere.

Increase your upper body strength with the amazing 321 STRONG push-up bars.

Get 321 STRONG bars on Amazon.com

Perfect Fitness Perfect Push up Elite

Next up is the versatile Perfect Pushup Elite by Perfect Fitness. The name itself explains how on-point this piece of equipment is for your calisthenics gym.

The unique aspect of these push-up bars is definitely the ability to slightly rotate when gripping the handles.

This allows for a more natural, biomechanical movement for each rep; your muscles will work fluidly, without keeping your body restricted.

Also, the Perfect Pushup Elite has ergonomic grips to evenly distribute your bodyweight.

The treads on the bottoms gives you ideal grip, plus steel ball bearings and high-quality materials makes for a durable piece that’s long lasting.

For one of the best workout experiences you can have, you’ve got to add Perfect Fitness’ push-up bars to the arsenal of equipment.

Get Perfect Pushup on Amazon.com

CAP Barbell

Lastly we have a push-up bar that screams high-quality and hardcore workouts.

CAP Barbell comes out swinging with a pair of push-up bars guaranteed to get you strength results and last for a long time.

These push-up bars are chrome-plated and have foam-covered handles for a comfortable, durable workout.

The bottoms have hard rubber footpads for unparalleled stability. The chrome CAP Barbell uses allows for their push-up bars to be extremely sturdy and can support decent amounts of weight.

This piece of equipment is as simple as it gets, yet it still packs a powerful punch for all of your push workouts.

If you want a great set of push-up bars, look no further than CAP Barbell’s impressive pair of bars.

Get CAP Barbell on Amazon.com


No matter if you do calisthenics normally or not, push-ups should be included in every workout. For the best push-up experience, you need to have push-up bars.

The ultimate savior for your wrists, push-up bars give you a deeper and fuller workout with each rep.

You simply do your exercises like normal; the only alteration is gripping the bars. This eliminates joint pains, opting to use your forearms for stabilization.

While they aren’t completely necessary, the benefits are great enough for the purchase to be worth it.

Use our push-up bar workout, or use it as a template to construct your own routine.

Most of your upper body exercises will get a boost, which means you get extra muscle growth and strength gains.

Research our list of push-up bars and choose the one that best fits your regimen and lifestyle.

Grab a pair of push-up bars and pump up your upper body with calisthenics.

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