Best CrossFit Shorts For 2021

best crossfit shorts

Staying comfortable while you go about your Crossfit workouts is a must. The last thing you want is some uncomfortable clothing nagging at your mind while you try and devote all your focus to putting in the workout of a lifetime.

In a hurry? Here is the list…

CrossFit Shorts For Men

CrossFit Shorts For Women

If you happen to be looking to get yourself a pair of Crossfit shorts, it’s important to know the many different varieties out there that you can choose from.

Not all are created equally, so by doing some investigating on the best Crossfit shorts you can buy, you can feel confident you’ve made a smart decision. Some of the key things that you want to look for in a good short include fit, type of material, moisture wicking capability, and any additional storage options for music and/or keys.

CrossFit Shorts Reviewed

Men’s Shorts

There are going to be some notable differences in the men’s versus women’s Crossfit shorts, so it’s smart to get gender specific. Males and females have a much different body shape through the hip region, so it’s vital the short is built to meet these needs.

Rogue Fight Shorts

Rogue Fight ShortsOne of the top WOD shorts that more and more men are choosing to wear as they perform their sessions is the Rogue Fight Short. This short comes in black and offers a 2 way stretch polyester fabric, complete with a side slit so you’ll never feel boxed into the short. They’re well-known to be lightweight and don’t ever hold sweat, so you’ll feel fresh each time you put them on.

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Hybrid Training Shorts

Hybrid Training ShortsThe Hybrid Crossfit short is a tie up short that offers a 4-way stretch fabric, so you can be guaranteed these shorts move as you do. They also have a compression waist-tightening system, so you’ll never have to worry about your shorts feeling like they’re falling off your body. But yet, they won’t appear bunchy or overly tight. You’ll also have access to external pockets to hold your iPhone if you wish to listen to music during your WOD.

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UN92 MC11 Shorts

UN92 MC11 ShortsThis polyester short offers a camo coloring to it and also comes with 4-way stretch fabric. It comes with a drawstring for ensuring they stay up the entire workout and come with a Velcro fly to keep you comfortable. Users have remarked just how easy this short is to wear and how quickly it’ll dry post-session.

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Reebok Crossfit Board Short

Reebok Crossfit Board ShortReebok has stepped up their game to come up with this uniquely designed Crossfit short that will be guaranteed to get you through even the most unusual movements you may do. They have a bonded gusset that allows for a total range of motion and come in anti-microbial inner brief, keeping these shorts feeling fresh each time you put them on. They also have an elastic waistband, ensuring total comfort while wearing them.

So as you can see, there are plenty of terrific options when it comes to men’s shorts. Evaluate your style and comfort needs and make your selection from there.

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Women’s Shorts

On the woman’s side of things, you’ll find shorts in all styles and fits as well. As a female, your hips will be wider; so you’ll need more movement in the short in this area as you perform any sort of squatting activity.

Women’s Performance Shorts

Women’s Performance ShortsThe Women’s Performance short is a beautifully designed short that has a sloped seam on the back, to accentuate your figure and allow for a better pattern of movement while wearing the short. It also has a pouch pocket on the right leg where you can keep your iPhone, so you’ll never miss a beat as you go through your WOD.

Available in black, it’s a stylish option that will go with any other workout wear.

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UN92 WC14 Women’s

UN92 WC14 Women’sThe UN92 WC14 Women’s Kettlebell Fit Shorts are a great option for those who want to add more color to their outfit as they come with little green and purple kettlebells decorating the entire short material.

This short offers a very breathable fabric that naturally wicks water away from the body so you can stay cool at all times.

It offers a 4-way stretch fabric, making sure you never feel restricted and comes with a stretch drawcord to keep the shorts up at all times.

You’ll also have an invisible zipper card and key pocket on the back of the waistband for ease and convenience.

Finally, the 3-inch inseam offers superior comfort for the female body and will ensure you never want to take these shorts off.

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Reebok Chase Bootie Shorts

Reebok Chase Bootie ShortsFinishing off the excellent Crossfit short options for women is the Reebok Chase Booty. This short is ideal for those who hate bulk. They are form fitting, so will hug your curves with each move you make during your session.

You’ll have three different color options, purple, light grey, and black, so whatever your style, these shorts will accommodate.

They come with a moisture-wicking antimicrobial PlayDry material that ensures you stay cool and always feeling your best.

Additionally, they offer a flatlock seam that will help to prevent any rub against your skin, which would lead to irritation.

Finally, the 3-inch waistband on these shorts also has them sitting low on the waist and at the perfect length on the thigh.

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So there you have the top Crossfit short options for men and women. All of these have received rave reviews, are built for comfort, and are highly durable.

Remember that when you’re out there performing all the different movement patterns for your WOD, any old short is not going to provide the comfort and free movement as a specifically designed Crossfit short.