19.4 CrossFit Open Workout Strategy Guide

The 2019 CrossFit Open is here! Over the next 5 weeks, we’re breaking down each workout and offering strategies to help you maximize your score.

Here are our 19.1, 19.2 and 19.3 guides.

If you’re new to CrossFit, the CrossFit Open is the annual online competition that is the first step for qualifying for the 2019 CrossFit Games (at least, for one more year—it’ll change in 2020).

Athletes must complete each of the 5 workouts between Thursday evening and Monday night. You can learn more about the CrossFit Open and CrossFit games here.

Before you dive in, check out this guide from 2018’s open on 4 Tips To Dominate The CrossFit Open. Being fit will help you score high, but the right mindset and smart planning will make the difference. Here we go!

What is the CrossFit Open 19.4 Workout?

Here is the fourth workout in this year’s 2019 CrossFit Open:

For Total Time:

3 rounds of:

10 snatches

12 bar-facing burpees

Rest 3 minutes, then:

3 rounds of:

10 bar muscle-ups

12 bar-facing burpees

Men use 95 lbs on the snatch.

12 min time cap

CrossFit Open 19.4 Movement Standards

Affiliate Owners Guide to the 2019 Open

Here are the movement standards for the fourth workout of the 2019 CrossFit Open.

Important standards include being able to do squat, power or split snatches and being perpendicular to the bar when starting each burpee.

There are 16 different standards across the different workouts, so be sure to read them all.

3 Preparation Tips for CrossFit Open 19.4

Use these three prep tips to set yourself up for success in 19.4

1. Where Are Your Bar Muscle Ups?

Bar Muscle Ups

We’re into the final weeks of the Open. Just like last week, Dave Castro is hitting us with a skill-based workout. In fact, this workout is going to be largely determined by your ability to do bar muscle ups.

If you can string together bar muscle ups you can finish this workout. If you can do a single bar muscle-up, your goal should be to get to the end of the first set of ten (or beyond).

And if you can’t do bar muscle-ups, your goal is to give yourself as much time as possible to get your first one.

2. Do The Opposite Of Every Other Workout

crossfit open 2019

This is my ninth CrossFit Open workout guide for Athletic-Muscle. In nearly all of them, I’ve advised that you take the opening rounds, minutes, or reps lightly.

This strategy works well in many Open workouts because most athletes get nervous about the clock and go too hard in the beginning, only to be passed later on when it really counts.

I can’t remember saying this in another Open guide, but here goes: go all out from the start.

Even if you can only get a few bar muscle-ups, you’ll want to give yourself as much time as possible for attempts.

By Monday evening, one extra bar muscle up could make the difference of 500 to 1000 places on the leaderboards.

3. Wear Grips (Or At Least Protect Your Hands)


Hand grips prevent calluses from tearing and derailing your workout. Wear them for the bar muscle-ups and even the snatches if you are afraid that your hands will get torn up.

Tips For Maximizing Your Open 19.4 Score

Here are a few “in-the-weeds” tips for getting a great score on 19.4. They are the tips that will beat the guys and gals in your box who approach the WOD with a “3-2-1 GO!” mentality.

1. Drop Your Snatches

snatch crossfit

You’ll save your grip strength for the bar muscle ups and later snatches if you start by dropping them. Practice before the workout minimizing the time it takes to re-grip the bar from the bottom.

Some people will string together sets 5 to 10 snatches. They might get to the three minute split faster, but that faster time won’t matter if they blow out their grip and start failing bar muscle-ups later in the workout.

2. Breathe on Burpees


Well-written CrossFit workouts have balance. There’s a portion of the workout designed to gas you, and there’s usually a portion designed to recover.

Most people miss or don’t think about the latter. In this WOD, your rest and recovery is on burpees.

Use these burpee tips to get your breath steady and bring your heart rate down. Ignore the guy next to you that gets three to four reps ahead of you jumping over the bar and back.

Slow down and focus on starting your next rep perpendicular so you don’t get a missed rep.

3. Sit Down During Your Three Minutes


Take care of all the necessary adjustments you need to make before the workout ever starts. Once you finish the first 66 reps, your only job should be to get your heart rate down as fast as possible.

Sit on a box, sit on the floor, or sit on your bumper plates.

Take deep breaths and grab water if you need it. Don’t start fumbling with weights or wandering around the gym.

One More WOD To Go!

Check back next week for the final installment of this year’s CrossFit Open strategy guide. Good luck!

For more WOD guides and equipment tips, check out the rest of Athletic Muscle’s blog.

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