Looking For The Best Crossfit Shoes For Men and Women in 2015?

Review of The Best CrossFit Shoes

What types of shoe do you wear when you do Crossfit training? Your ordinary pair of shoes? If so, this is not a great choice. Compared to standard workouts, a cross fit workout is a lot different. As such, you need special custom crossfit shoes that will provide you with stability when you lift weights, offer you cushioning when you sprint, and secures your support when you jump. Any ordinary shoe will not help you with this, but a crossfit shoe has been designed for this very purpose. And if you do not use such a shoe, you will not be able to put up a great performance and will even risk damaging your feet.

Reebok Nano 4.04.3$119.99
Reebok Nano 3.04.5$104.99
Inov-8 F-Lite 2404.8$119.95
New Balance MX20v3 Minimus

So if you want to buy custom crossfit shoes, we have provided you with all the information you need. We will first discuss some advantages, mention some popular styles, talk about factors that should be considered when choosing crossfit shoes, and end the article with reviews of the best crossfit shoes.

Benefits of Crossfit Shoes

Improved Performance

A boost in performance is the primary reason why people opt for crossfit shoes. Indeed, your performance can be great when you are using any pair of shoes, but if you wear proper crossfit shoes, you increase it significantly.

Complete Control

Crossfit is a strenuous activity that requires complete training. Whether you are lifting weights, making jumps, or running distances, you must have total control. The best crossfit shoes provide you with precise control that helps you in running faster and farther, jumping higher, and lifting more weights with absolute control and stability.


Crossfit shoes provide you with the comfort you desire. Whichever style you choose, your feet will neither chafe nor ache. Moreover, your calves also do not feel any sort of pressure or pain.

Strong Body

There are many people whose bodies are not suitable for working out. Crossfit training will help you get your body in form, only when you wear the right sort of shoes. This will ensure that your body moves in a flexible and safe way while you workout, without exposing yourself to any risks.

crossfit training shoes

When you wear the wrong shoes, you limit functioning of your joints, but when you wear the proper shoes, all your joints move in the right direction. This ascertains that your training is both safe and effective.

Safety and Reduced Risks

A workout is meaningless if it is exposing you to risks, or if it injures you. With any other type of shoe, there is a great chance that you may damage your feet. But crossfit shoes are designed in a manner which minimizes injury risk.

Longer Workouts

A proper crossfit shoe ensures that you workout as long as possible, and increases your intensity levels.

Styles of Crossfit Shoes

The Classic Shoes

The classic shoes are the shoes that everyone usually has. These are not the best shoes for crossfit training, but they are enough to get you started. The main issue with these classic shoes is the fact that there is hardly any cushion between your sole and the ground. So when you press through your heel, you cannot really feel it. If you want to identify this difference, you will have to do with some other style of crossfit shoe.

Still, for beginners the classic shoe is a great choice. It does not cost much  and will serve your purpose to some extent. For more effectiveness, select another type of crossfit shoe.

The Minimal Shoes

The minimal shoe is the best shoe for crossfit training.  It is designed so that your foot is supported by a flat plane, and there is limited cushioning between the ground and foot. Distributing your weight equally, minimal shoes are great for running. However, if you run for great distances or lift heavy weights, your calf muscles may experience strains. Another advantage of minimal shoes is that they offer substantial support for your ankles and allow them to rotate easily.

As for the cons, the sidelines of the shoes are relatively thin, which affects your stability.

Olympic Crossfit Lifting Shoes

Do you perform extensive workouts? If so, the Olympic Crossfit lifting shoes should be your preferred style. These are designed in a manner which provides your foot with a nearly flat surface but you heel is placed onto a slightly raised platform. Thus, you will find crossfit lifting shoes more stable whenever you are involved in a greater impact activity.

Vibram Five Fingers

Shaped just like your real foot, the Vibram Five Fingers have a weird appearance, but it is regarded as the best shoe for crossfit training by many people because it but can help you do wonders when it comes to your performance. If you want your feet to function naturally, they are a perfect choice, and will serve your needs well.

Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse chucks are already popular and many people do use them for cross training. They are available as both a low and high ankle cut, but the latter is a better option. Why? Because they offer you more stability and a sleek style. Plus, these shoes are more affordable than other available choices, which makes them even more preferable.

Factors to Consider

If you want to buy crossfit training shoes, you will have to consider a number of factors.


Crossfit training involves many quick movements, which is why your chosen crossfit shoe must be lightweight and allow your feet to breathe. This will make them remain cool, and not weigh you down.


Good crossfit shoes are flexible so that you can get maximum mobility during training. If your shoe is inflexible, your movement may be restricted, which will affect your performance negatively.


Crossfit shoes with great durability are a must because of the impact that will be felt on them.

Best Crossfit Shoes for Men

The top crossfit shoes for men are given below.

  • Nike Men’s Free 3.0
  • Adidas Sambas
  • New Balance MX20v3 Minimus crossfit shoes for men
  • Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0
  • Converse Chuck Taylor

Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

best crossfit shoes for women

The  best crossfit shoes for women are given below.

  • Inov-8 Bare-XF 210
  • Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0
  • Reebok Croafit Nano 2.0
  • Vibram Five Fingers crossfit shoes for women
  • NEW BALANCE MINIMUS WX 20 crossfit shoes for women

A Quick Review of the Top Crossfit Shoes

Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0

Reebok Nanos 3.0 ReviewThis product is one of the best crossfit shoes out there. Considering all the features which good crossfit shoes should have, Reebok has got this one right. The latest model features so many impressive things such as the rope guards which will prevent damage to the midsole when you climb, and the toe cage which is aimed at protecting the toe area. The soles offer a really good grip, and the shoe offers you complete stability. Between the heel and the toe, Reebok crossfit shoes have a drop of 4mm, which cushions against high-impact exercises.

Though Reebok crossfits offer superior performance, the fit might not be that great. We suggest that you should go for a smaller size than what you normally wear. This is because the toe area is quite wide, but then this feature has its own benefits. Can you guess these? Yes the Reebok Nano shoes offer you a really comfortable grip.

Reebok shoes can be worn for prolonged periods, and you will not be suffering from chafing. The internal stitches are covered with welded seams that provide your feet with a flat surface. There is also an anti-friction lining, which prevents rubbing and eliminates the need of wearing socks.

Reebok offers separate crossfit shoes for men and women, which have slightly varying designs to account for all sorts of foot shapes. So whether your feet are narrow or slightly on the broad side, you will surely find a Rebook crossfit shoe to be extremely comfortable, and it will fit you perfectly if you opt for a smaller size than your standard one.

Like every other Reebok product, the Nano crossfit shoes offer durability. They are not the lightest models out there, but can still be considered in the lightweight category.

The costs of Reebok Nano 3.0 crossfits is around $120, and you cannot really regard it as cheap crossfit shoes. However, when you factor in performance, the amount is worth it.

In a nutshell, Reebok shoes are one of the top crossfit shoes because they offer great balance between stability and impact. Whether you want to lift weights, perform squats, or run the farthest, the latest Reebok Nano 3.0 will not disappoint you for sure.

Buy Reebok Nano 4.0

Buy Reebok Nano 3.0

Inov-8 F-Lite 240

Inov-8 F-Lite 240 reviewThe Inov-8 F-Lite 240 is also among the top crossfit shoes. It offers a number of improvements over previous models and has amazing specs, which will just make you love these. Primarily for the fitness crowd, the 240 is an ideal running and crossfit lifting shoe.

Inov-8 has based the 240 shoes on their precision. This does means that the shoe may not be that great a choice for you, if you have wide feet, but if your feet are small, there is probably no better crossfit shoe out there. 240 has been designed so that it provides you a roomy toe area, which offers you comfort for longer periods of time. The crossfit will suit you really well, and will optimize your performance while minimizing interval movements when you ascend, descend, or contour.

The 240 crossfit shoe has a midsole with injected EVA, and so you have more cushioning. There is also a Rope Tec feature, which offers you protection around the mid foot part. As for the weight, that is around 10 grams. Combined together, all these features increase durability of the shoe and offer better cushioning. Needless to say, the shoe is comfortable to wear while offering you splendid grip. The Meat-Flex groove ensures a natural forefoot flex, and the sticky, rubber material used for the outsole improves your performance while offering you stability.

Like the Reebok Nano 3.0 shoes, the Invov-8 F-Lite 240 crossfits are available in a slightly larger size. While buying, look around for smaller sizes.

So basically, if you want just one pair of shoes that will serve all your purposes, the Invov-8 F-Lite 240 is it. The price is also around $89, which makes it fall in the category of cheap crossfit shoes.

Buy Inov-8 F-Lite 240

New Balance MX20v3 Minimus

New Balance MX20v3 Minimus reviewWant minimal shoes that give a superior level of performance? The New Balance MX20v3 Minimus crossfit shoes for men are what you should buy. Designed for only the male gender, this shoe offers versatility along with incredible specs such as the synthetic upper mesh which offers support and comfort, resistance to friction, neutral runner and barefoot orientation, and welded seams.

The Minimus crossfit shoes will ensure that your performance is spectacular no matter which activity you indulge in. Whether you want to run on the treadmill, play basketball or lift weights, the MX20v3 Minimus will disappoint you. Once you lace up the shoe, you can run, jog, exercise, and do whatever you want without feeling discomfort or instability.

Featuring a Vibram sole, the Minimus crossfit training shoes offer you the required grip for box jumps, rope climbs, weighted sled pulls, and any other activity that requires a quick directional change. This technology offers you increased stability, but limited traction for smooth surfaces.

The crossfit training shoes provide you with a flat and neutral feeling. They provide no hotspot, and you can wear them without socks.

MX20v3 Minimus crossfit shoe is a lightweight product but does not offer enough durability when you compare it with other similar options. As time passes and your usage increases, the material may wear off. Other products last longer than this time.

Despite the pros, there are some cons associated as well, but the good thing is that they have nothing to do with performance or quality. The MX20v3 Minimus crossfit shoes are not available in a wide color range, and if you do not like green, you will have to do with grey and black.<

With a weight of 188 grams, the price of the New Balance MX20v3 Minimus crossfit training shoes is around $60 to $90, and so can be regarded as cheap crossfit shoes.

Buy New Balance MX20v3 Minimus

Wrapping Up

We have now laid the different styles of shoes to help you with training. Don’t let this delay you from getting into the Box, try on some shoes and see what feels best to you. Then go WOD it up!

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