How To Do Double Unders For CrossFit

How to do double unders

A jump rope. Elite athletes such as boxers, MMA fighters, and CrossFitter’s use it for conditioning. Jumping rope in itself is a great workout. It can even be fun as evidenced by Freestyle ropers and double dutch jumpers. This single movement covers 7 out of 10 of CrossFit’s required physical skills development. Rope jumping helps with … [Read more...]

6 Quick Tips To Dominate the Wall Ball

6 tips to dominate wall balls for crossfit

You either love them or hate them but you can’t deny getting a total body workout with wall balls. What makes the wall ball such a killer? First, it involves two weightlifting movements – the front squat and push press. Second, it works all three of your metabolic pathways at the same time. Very few exercises can do that. A true wall ball … [Read more...]